Screen printing is a technique where you can stencil an image on various clothes. All you need to do is build a screen and stencil, and through the mesh, you will have to push the ink into the piece of clothing. You can create multiple designs and experiment with many things with screen printing. Screen printing is also a very easy thing to do once you get the hang of it. So if you want to do screen printing in your home, the below steps can help you out.

Build the screen and the frame:
You will need a canvas stretcher frame and make sure that the frame is big enough to fit the design you have in mind. Once you have the screen ready, you need to get the mesh. Try to get a mesh which allows the ink to pass through it. Meshes with a mesh count of one square inch will be perfect for most screen printing. Now you will have to staple or stick the mesh with the frame.

Craft your design:
The silkscreen will let you apply only one colour at any particular time. Try to make your design with contrasting colours so that it will stand out. You cannot use shading on screen printing, so it is best to use contrasting colours. If you want to have complex designs, you will need multiple prints. You can even print out the design on a laser printer and use it for your screen printing. You will have to draw the print on a transparent paper.


Printing the screen:
Once your design is ready, you need to apply photo emulsion on the screen with the help of a squeegee. Make sure that you spread the emulsion nicely. Repeat the same procedure for the next side of the screen and let it dry in a room for about 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure that you do not place the screen on the ground as the emulsion will stick to the floor.
As the screen dries, you need to set up a table with a light bulb. Once the screen is dry, you need to place the screen on the table with the light bulb and expose the screen to the light and leave it there for about 10 minutes.

Place the stencil on the reverse side and then flip it over before putting the screen down. If you do not do it on the reverse side, you will get a mirror image of your design.
Now you will have to wash off the screen with cold water. Make sure that you do not rub too hard and damage the screen. Now apply ink on your design and drag the squeegee over your design. Try to press hard with the squeegee to get a better print. Now pull away from the screen from the t-shirt and allow it to dry.

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